Spring has definitely sprung in Yellowstone National Park. The bears are coming out and playing in traffic like the children they are. The mother bear known as 610 can be seen with her cubs that are about 3 years old now.

These 3 year old cubs are playing in traffic in Yellowstone and it was all caught on camera. The videographer was safe and did not get too close to the animals. She stayed in her vehicle and appreciated from a distance, as you should. Just another friendly reminder that the park is their home and we are just exploring it.

I absolutely love this! I was waiting for one of them to grab a traffic cone and chuck it or play with it across the street. At the end of the video you can almost hear mama bear going, "Alright kids that's enough time to get going, we can have some more fun later."

The teenage cubs disgruntled walking slowly, kicking some dirt, "Fiiiine."

The second video is just as hilarious. They are just hanging around playing in the snow enjoying the "bear necessities".

Yellowstone National Park actually fully opens up on Friday April 17th to the public for the season. These animals are going to be out and about all year long. Don't be like the "tourons" that get too close and personal with the animals. That is asking for disaster.

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