Road rage is a situation most drivers have experienced at least once. Some people just take it to ridiculous extremes, and "Karens" are notorious for taking EVERYTHING to extremes.

I've had a few run-ins with angry motorists, but nothing that ever resulted in damage to vehicles or fisticuffs. I remember one time a trucker on Kimberly Road in Twin Falls got angry with me because he thought I cut him off. He proceeded to brake hard in front of me and act like a baby.

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I've seen some pretty bad road confrontations between other motorists. I'm talking hood-pounding, beverage-tossing, window-slamming anger. You just have to watch yourself these days because people are nuts, and most motorists are packing.

A video uploaded to YouTube recently shows an Idaho "Karen" do something incredibly dangerous on a four-lane road. Apparently, she got upset with a fellow driver and positioned her automobile into oncoming traffic in an attempt to block a driver she was angry at. She blocks multiple lanes with her car, gets out, flails her arms about, and proceeds to pound on the driver's hood, screaming and shouting in the process. The video description also states she attempts a citizen's arrest.

I'm not sure how this ordeal ended, but I'm guessing a police report was likely filed. This Idaho "Karen" doesn't seem like the type of person to give up easily. I don't know the officer that responded to this confrontation, but I sure feel sorry for him/her.

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