A video of a truck smashing into a southwest Idaho business is making its rounds throughout the state. The footage shows a large truck impacting the entrance of a Nampa, Idaho, liquor store and nearly hitting three people inside.

Security footage of an April 12, 2022, incident that took place 140 miles northwest of Twin Falls is shocking, to say the least. An out-of-control driver of a truck plows through the front entrance of the liquor store at a high rate of speed. What appears to be two employees and a single customer can be seen in the moments prior to the impact standing within a few feet of the door that the truck blows through.

The store sustained major damage and the kiosk which the employees were working behind is completely destroyed in the footage. It's not exactly known what caused the driver to smash through the side of the building. Area police continue to investigate the incident.

These types of motorist versus building incidents are more common than people might think. Thousands of people are injured every year worldwide due to these types of impacts, according to information shared by a sanfranciscoinjurylawyerblog.com.

Last year, a teenage driver crashed into a Twin Falls gas station pump causing costly damage. In 2018, a motorist lost control and crashed into the Shake Out restaurant on Kimberly Road. One life was tragically lost as a result of the incident, and it took the restaurant owners many months to complete repairs and re-open to the public.

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