One of the planet's most dynamic meteor events will be approaching next week's end in North America. The Leonid Meteors will be racing across the night sky on consecutive evenings as numerous space rocks are expected to be highly visible for hours in an impressive celestial crescendo.

The weather in Southern Idaho will hopefully cooperate next Thursday (November 17) and Friday (November 18) when the final two nights of the Leonid Meteor showers wrap up for their only fall appearance. The Leonids will resemble incredibly quick fireballs and will be traveling at over 40 miles per second, according to

The current forecast for these nights in southern Idaho is calling for a chance of light snow, which would likely hinder viewing. It's best to try to get to an area that doesn't include too much light pollution. City and neighborhood lights will make it very difficult to see the meteor display.

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Meteors were in the news in California just days ago when a home was destroyed northwest of Sacramento by a suspected strike. The planet was traveling through the Leonid meteor debris field at this time, but there's no proof the destruction was linked to this specific event. It's estimated that thousands of meteors weighing less than a pound contact the Earth every year, according to

Hopefully, those of us in the Magic Valley will get a brief break in the weather so we can enjoy the show.

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