There are thousands of seasoned BASE jumpers that flock to Twin Falls, Idaho, annually to take the leap from the 486-foot Perrine Bridge. It's not all too common, however, to see kids taking part in this insane hobby from either side of the Snake River Canyon.

BASE jumping is so common in Twin Falls that many locals that are shopping or running errands in the area of the Perrine Bridge aren't even phased by watching human beings cheat death with nylon canopies from close to 500 feet over the Snake River. I am constantly in awe of these people and the nerves of steel they possess. The majority of jumpers I've watched appear to be in their twenties and thirties, but footage of one recent young enthusiast really grabbed my attention.

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A Twin Falls YouTube post from the other day shows a young kid who can't be more than 12 or 13 years old showing steely resolve out on the jumping platform. There was almost no hesitation as the youngster was following the instruction of a man on the other side of the railing. Off this kid went into the blue sky over some Snake River kayakers like it was no big deal at all.

I'm not sure of the exact age of the jumper because the video description doesn't mention it, but it's the youngest I've ever seen pull it off. I applaud whoever this kid is for having courage beyond my own. The landing wasn't captured in the video, but judging by the entire jump leading up to it, I'm sure it was spot on.

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