About a month ago my family did a kayak adventure to Pillar Falls. On the way, we stopped at the little dock under the Perrine Bridge to take a break and walk for a bit. That dock led to a trail which took us to the landing area for the BASE jumpers! We had never been down there so it was really cool to see. There is a sort of shrine and plaque with an American Flag and random trinkets laying around. It almost looks like the spoils of a scavenger hunt was dumped there. The plaque has a cool inscription and dedication to the men and women of the armed forces who fight for our freedoms.

If you have never been down to the BASE Jumper landing site, there are a few ways to get there. You can kayak from Centennial Park, or you can hike down the Mogensen Trail to get to the area. Plus, if you have never been and want to check it out Friday, August 9th will give you an added incentive. Southern Idaho Tourism has given a GoPro to BASE Jumper and jump instructor Sean Chuma and he'll be jumping from the bridge at 5 p.m. on Friday to give that GoPro to one of the people who make the journey to the landing area.

The event was originally going to happen on Thursday but the weather wasn't ideal so you still have a chance to not only get out, adventure, and enjoy the beauty of the Snake River and canyon but you could also win a pretty sweet GoPro camera. Then, you could use the camera to document the rest of your life adventures.

Don't forget that coming up in September is the first-ever BASE jumping competition at the Perrine Bridge.

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