You’ll have to help me out.  I’ve no idea what the Three Sisters Volcanoes look like.  I know they’re near Bend, Oregon and I’ve photographed some mountains from Bend and at Crater Lake.  I was at least looking in the right direction.

According to the website, there is a growing bulge near the Sisters.  No, no, no!  None of them are pregnant.  It’s likely there are some changes going on beneath the ground and we could see some steam, ash, and possibly lava pouring forth.  Not necessarily anytime soon and not necessarily anything representing a major eruption.

Don't Expect Anything Historic

Blasts on the scale of Mount St. Helens are so rare they’re not even once-in-a-lifetime events, however.  If you were alive before May 1980, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime happening.

This is a reminder we live in a potential hotspot for activity and while it’s not front of mind, I’m sure we’ve all wondered how we would cope if a really big eruption took place.  A few years ago I was talking with a scientist about a visit I made to Craters of the Moon.  We both remarked how the lava fields are geologically very young.

Mother Nature is a Reminder of a Tenuous Grip

A great eruption in the South Pacific some 70,000 years ago is believed to have almost wiped out humanity.  No more than 6,000 people worldwide may have survived the calamity.  There are claims it’s one reason why there is so little diversity in the human species.

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