I suppose you could see something like this when in Idaho’s higher elevations.  My sister lives in a small town in Western New York.  You can click here to see the video she found on the website of the CBS-TV affiliate out of Buffalo.  I then shared the video with friends in law enforcement here in Idaho.  Apparently, when it comes to driving with a snow-covered vehicle, this is the worst they’ve ever seen.  You’ll get a ticket for far less in Twin Falls County.

Sometimes you’ll simply get a warning, and a deputy could gift you with an ice scraper emblazoned with the courtesy of Twin Falls County.

We can laugh at the video, but driving like this is extremely dangerous.  The fellow behind the wheel of the red pickup was apparently hanging his head out a window and trying to get his bearings.  Local law enforcers are familiar with that trick.

If I could make a recommendation, my dad used to have an old household broom available for days when the snow was really deep on his truck or car.  While he stood six and a half feet tall, even a shorter person can get some good action wielding a broomstick.

I suspect we could see something like the truck in the video in Blaine County.  The limousine liberals in Ketchum may not be able to find any cheap labor to do the brushing.  If they did find someone, the sweeper would probably demand a much higher minimum wage.

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