A story grabbed national attention over the weekend when an Idaho public figure caused the cancellation of his son's high school football game for not obeying a COVID-19 mask mandate. Players left the field at halftime and did not return.

For the third time in less than two months, Ammon Bundy has found himself back in the Idaho spotlight for being on the opposite side of order. Bundy was arrested twice in Boise in August for leading a group in protest in defiance of the state mask ordinance. Most recently, his son's high school football game was called at halftime after Bundy refused to wear a mask again, according to details provided by scorebooklive.com.

My position on the arrests at the state capital is that Bundy had every right to lead the protest, which was peaceful in nature. It's his constitutional right to assemble in the manner he did. However, when your kid is involved in something like high school athletics, which takes time away from school staffers and other families--not to mention the majority of these student athletes enjoy participating in these sports or they wouldn't be playing them--causing stoppage in such a manner can be viewed as narcissistic.

If you don't want to wear a mask, that's your prerogative, but when your decision effects scores of other people who are using their personal time to meet what they feel is an obligation to their kids, putting a mask on for a couple hours is probably the right thing to do. When someone repeatedly causes these types of interruptions, you have to start wondering if attention is the inspiration, rather than passion.

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