Independence Day and war films make for a nice pairing. An entertainment website recently compiled a list of the best war pictures ever made, and I'm curious what Idaho thinks about it.

It would be impossible for me to put a top 50 list together of my favorite war movies. The Vulture recently did just that, and the number one movie on the list is one I've never heard of in my life. I would rather have seen Hot Shots 2 make the list than some of the other mentions, but it's their list and not mine that I'm throwing some shade on. Hot Shots 2 does after all hold the record for largest body count; the chicken/arrow scene gets me every time.

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Seriously though. The fact that Apocalypse Now was mentioned outside of the top five is a problem right there. It wouldn't have made number one on my list, but certainly would have cracked the top five. And what's up with Inglorious Bastards at number 15? Really?

Full Metal Jacket (1987) might be my favorite war film of all time. Saving Private Ryan, Glory, and All Quiet on the Western Front (remake of 2022) are certainly way up on my list of favorites as well. The Vulture's number one pick was something called Ran from 1985. I've never seen it, but maybe I should.

Is there a war film that you tend to enjoy watching during the Fourth of July holiday? If so, what is it?

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