And maybe it's better with the dryer climate in Boise? Scientists have figured out the limit of how many times you should use a towel before washing it and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty gross.

According to Buzzfeed, bacteria and mold start growing on towels every time they get damp, and you're only supposed to use a towel two-three times before it's got too much bacteria on it. So essentially, by day four with a towel, you're cleaning yourself and then immediately rubbing bacteria all over yourself afterwards.

My theory is that maybe here in Boise, since it's a slightly dryer climate, we might get away with using a towel a day or two longer. But imagine living in Florida where you're soaking wet as soon as you walk out of the house, those towels must just live with mold and bacteria on them before they ever leave the linen closet.

Kind of gross, but that's life I suppose. We should ask these "Scientists" about loofahs and see how long we can use those bad boys before they grow legs and walk away. That's where my major concern lies.

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