We may love our co-workers or they may drive you crazy because you spend more time with them than anyone else.There's not a single person in the world whose co-workers are polite and considerate 100% of the time. So, if you had to narrow it down to the rudest thing that your co-workers do, what would it be.

A new survey from PR Newswire asked people around the country to name what annoys them most about their co-workers. Here is what they found:

1.  Gossiping about other coworkers, 28%.
2.  Not responding to calls or emails in a timely way, 21%.
3.  Playing around on their phones during meetings, 16%.
4.  Running late or missing meetings, 12%.
5.  Not giving other people credit, 12%.
6.  Criticizing other people publicly, 11%.

0% said that they work at a place where no one ever does anything rude.

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