I understand your horror of not even wanting to fathom a world with no happy hour, but try.

I state this question because starting in 2012, the state of Utah has banned Happy Hour!  I know, how dare they?  This according to Fox News:

New laws in Utah will make any daily drink specials illegal – essentially banning happy hour.

OK, so this isn't too surprising considering even the booze is at a lesser alcohol level in Utah.  But, adults can consume beer like adults.....Can't they?

Happy Hour

Back to my question: What If Happy Hour Didn't Exist?

The way I see it, if happy hour didn't exist, then businesses would suffer.  This is the exact opposite of stimulating the economy!  AND, think about how many business relationships you've strengthened, tweaked, or created at Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is just a chill, relaxed, good time!  You don't have to get sloshed.

In short, NO Happy Hour is just too stick up the....you know for me.  I usually fly through Salt Lake when I get home, screw that!


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