Most of us have at least one piece of office equipment we'd love to drag out into a field as they did in the film Office Space and take a baseball bat to. Some companies take a very long time to upgrade machines we rely on in the workplace to complete tasks.

Office Space was a 1999 film directed by Beavis & Butt-Head creator Mike Judge. It was brilliant at depicting the common woes experienced in the daily life of a full-time office staffer. It also happens to be one of the most hilarious movies ever made.

In one of the scenes, a group of friends and co-workers drag a malfunctioning copy machine out into a field and break it into hundreds of pieces after years of frustration dealing with it. Every time I see it, and I've seen the movie a dozen times, it gets me reflecting on the worst machinery I've ever had to work with.

Where I currently work, there is a printer that won't produce a document until about five minutes after I hit the "print" button. I usually just get up and walk away from it for a while before I look to retrieve my page (or pages). It's also been signaling "toner low" for almost five years.

At a radio station I worked at for 13 years in northern California, our board in the FM studio had pot buttons that popped off regularly, the wiring was band-aided so many times the damn thing would start smoking on occasion, and our guest microphone would turn off from time to time with no explanation. I believe they are still using the same board to this day.

I there one piece of office apparatus at your Idaho job you'd love to destroy because you're so fed up with it? If so, what is it?

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