The year 2020 has left a great deal of Americans no shortage of reasons to be frustrated. Those with pent-up dissatisfaction now have a release option in the form of a newly created phone number that lets people scream after the tone.

I know what some of you are thinking. Calling an unknown telephone isn't something a lot of people are interested in, especially in this day and age of constant robocalls and scams. I can't say I blame you for passing on such an idea for fears of having your personal phone number archived for future solicitation, so I took the bullet for you, and gave it a shot.

It's been several hours since I dialed Just Scream's hotline, at 1-561-567-8431, and so far, I haven't received a call back. To date, there are close to 11,000 screams left by agitated human beings that are archived on the website. You can even listen to some of them yourselves.

While I don't recommend you lose your #@$% on the phone like Less Grossman (played by Tom Cruise) did in the film, "Tropic Thunder," you can still leave the service a good scream, you just have to wait for the beep.

It does say on the site that "creative people" have left more than just screams over the phone, but just know, there is no one listening back to these verbal bursts of outrage, so not mistaking this number for a psychiatrist is probably the way to go.

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