An extremely rare astrological event is going to take place four days before Christmas, and if the conditions prove to be ideal, those in southern Idaho should catch a glimpse of something right out of the bible.

On December 21, 2020, the planets Jupiter and Saturn are going to be part of what is termed in the astronomy circles as "The Great Conjunction." This event takes place when the two largest planetary bodies in our solar system align in such a way that they will separated by just 0.1 degree, according to

The last time these two planets were positioned like this it was only a quarter of the way through the 13th century. The Star of Bethlehem (aka "Christmas Star")--the same very celestial object the "wise men from the east" are said to have used to navigate their way to the birthplace of Jesus--is reported to shine in the heavens at some point during this conjunction.

A planetary scholar from the YouTube channel Physics at Exeter, further breaks down the science behind the event in a recent post. A recent three-minute production done by The Secrets of the Universe also does a good job of providing a visual tutorial of what happens during this event, and how extraordinarily rare it is that this alignment between the two planets occurs.

The year 2020 hasn't given us much reason to celebrate--or even look forward to for that matter--but this rare, heavenly wonder which will be taking place on December 21, is something we all should start getting excited about.

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