There's a lot to consider when adopting a new pet, but here's one of the big ones: What type of pet will cost you more money?

When looking for a family pet you have to take into consideration quite a few things:

  • Do I have room?
  • Is this actually an animal that can be a pet?
  • Is this an animal that is legal to own?
  • Will I like it?
  • Will it like me?
  • Will the kids help with the care?
  • Can I afford this pet?

I think money is one of the bigger factors. The reason every little girl doesn't have a pony is that they cost so much to buy and then take care of, so we settle on a cute puppy or kitten.

A new study says that owning a dog is the most expensive each year. Mainly because those buggers chew on so much stuff and dig up everything. The average dog causes $392 worth of damage around the house every year, making them the most destructive and expensive pets.

Cats are second because they love to claw and scratch everything.

The study found that the least destructive pet you can have is a guinea pig. Although a fish has to be right up there too... unless the tank breaks.

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