What would you do? If you had a craving for a specific place that Twin Falls doesn't have but Boise does? Would you drive 2 hours just to fill that craving? There are certain places that some people have grown up with that they just have to have time to time. Some restaurants are so good that they are worth a trip for.

Drive-through vs sit down

If a craving comes for a fast food place that is not in the Magic Valley, or maybe a faster casual place, is it worth the drive? If you crave a sit-down restaurant, could you justify taking the time to sit and eat, compared to just doing a drive-through? During the holidays it might be justified, cause you can shop while there. During the rest of the year, it may be more of a dilemma.

Credit: Andrew Weibert on Unsplash
Credit: Andrew Weibert on Unsplash

A trip to Boise is a must

If you have to go to Boise for something like a soccer game, see a friend or family, or another event, it may make the decision easier. If you are craving say Cheesecake Factory, and you have been there all day, do you take the time to sit there and fulfill the craving or would you rather save time and get home quicker? You have already driven 2 hours and are there, but also know another 2-hour drive awaits you. A drive-through may be an easier one to satisfy since you can eat it on the drive back.

Credit: Kalisha Ocheni on Unsplash
Credit: Kalisha Ocheni on Unsplash

The restaurant matters

The place may matter. If Boise gets an In N Out and you grew up with it, it might be worth it. To someone that has only heard about it, it may not be worth the drive to try. Cheesecake Factory might be easier to justify since the food is so good, plus you can bring a whole cheesecake home. Where is the line of its not worth it, to you have to have it?

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The next time you have a craving for a place you have to drive to, will you make the drive? Sometimes it may be worth it and sometimes it may not be. It all depends on how much you want that special meal and if you are willing to put in the time. What would you do?

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