Those are the 3 most often used words by the 3 teenage boys who reside within the walls of our humble abode. I can guarantee that I will hear that question at least 5 times a day, sometimes as early as breakfast.

I swear, once I even heard it when saying good night to them. “What’s for dinner tomorrow night?” To which I replied, “what, are you kidding me? Let’s get through breakfast tomorrow first, then we’ll talk.”

Parents, I’m sure you’ve heard it before too.  That question made me think of leftovers. Then, I ran across a story about a restaurant in Kinston, N.C. that uses an unusual business model.

You see, Lefty’s is all about leftovers. Not only do they serve leftovers, but they actually buy them. That’s right, they buy them. According to a published report on

“Say you have hamburgers on Wednesday night, and there are three left over,” Ward said. “If you don’t want to eat hamburgers again that week, all you have to do is use our drive-thru window on your way to work. Someone from our staff will weigh your leftovers and pay you $1.50 per pound.”

Did I hear right? I guess so. What do customers say?

“The service is really fast because the food has already been cooked,” said Lefty’s customer Haney Ginsburg of Grifton. “I got some hamburger steak that had a few cigarette ashes on top, just like mama used to make.”

Wow,  I’m glad my mom wasn’t a smoker. The story goes on to say that “if Lefty’s is successful, the owner plans to open a retread-only tire shop, a used but not abused underwear boutique and a dating service for women who’ve recently lowered their standards.”

I’m not sure if he’s serious about that, but one thing is for sure, he has a sense of humor, and that can go a long way these days.

BY Chris Kai

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