It was funny at first. There was a tiny earthquake near Old Faithful a few weeks ago and we each shared our favorite super-volcano conspiracy theory and laughed about it. Then, there was another one that was slightly larger. Now, there's another quake that has struck near Old Faithful and it's larger than the first two.

The USGS is registering this one a 2.9. Still not a major quake, but much larger than the original 2.5 and 2.6 recently.

Let's re-state the obvious yet again. Earthquakes happen near Yellowstone all the time. Most are too small to register any kind of strength. But, when you have 3 quakes that are actually reported by the USGS within the span of a couple weeks, you take notice. Another swarm back in July caused the super-volcano conspiracy folks to bring their theories out.

Not trying to poo-poo the concerns here. We know there's a mammoth super-volcano in our neighborhood, so not a bad idea to keep our eyes on it. Even the USGS admits that any future eruption would likely be preceded by a swarm.

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