2011 Consumer Electronics Show

How weird is this?  No not the lady with the crooked 3D-Glasses, the fact that NO CONSUMERS will be at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show!

In fact, they're explicitly barred from entry. The 120,000 or so attendees descending on Las Vegas this week for the nation's premier gadget confab are employees of manufacturers, retailers and other outfits in the electronics trade, along with professional industry watchers like, ahem, tech journalists.
So what your saying is they should send me, Kendra Wolfe?  I could test all the new 3D-TVs, and Tablets, the new versions of Windows...ooo or this:
Some have even dared wonder if the company might confirm that a Verizon iPhone is imminent; it seems far more likely that such news will break at an Apple event, possibly as soon as later this month.
There goes that, but maybe there is an open bar or a sweet after party I can embarrass myself at...one can hope.
If nothing else, there should be news from Ford, the one car company that seems at home at the gadget lovefest that is CES. It's already announced that it'll be demoing AppLink, its new setup that will let you use your car's voice-command system to control apps like music players that reside on an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android handset.
That sounds sweet!  Is there anything your excited about you fellow tech nerd in 2011?

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