Anyone that has moved before, knows that it isn't fun to have to pack up a place full of memories and move to the unknown. It is scary, nerve-racking, and exhausting. The packing and moving process though is ultimately what people dread the most.

It doesn't have to be all bad though. Having just packed up and moved recently, I did discover that there are some pros, but still cons as well.

Pro: Finding Things You Forgot You Had

This might be my favorite part of packing up your place. When going through everything, it is common to find things long forgotten, or that you have been looking for, for some time. It can slow down the process when you find an old childhood toy, game or collectible you haven't seen in years. I like to think of it as a treasure hunt, with many treasures to be found.

Credit: Jeff McBrayer

Con: Finding Surprises

While finding treasures lost for years, there are other things you will find that may not be as fun. We discovered we had guests in our place that we weren't aware of. After moving around some furniture on our patio, we discovered their "presents" which lead to more work and an uneasy feeling. While some surprises may be fun to find, others, not so much.

Bonus Con: Cleaning

While leaving these "presents" for the next occupant would be a fun option, it is best to clean up after your unwanted guests. The time it takes to clean and make the place look nice for the next residents will eat up a lot of time and energy. Cleaning itself isn't fun, but doing it when already exhausted from packing is even worse.

Credit: Jeff McBrayer

Pro: Making Room For New Things

The treasures and the "surprises" might be fun and yucky to find, but you will also find things you no longer need. In the process of clearing closets, drawers and rooms out, why not throw out the things you know you wont need at your new location. This will make room for fun and exciting new things at your new place. Getting rid of clothes, broken furniture, old furniture, or toys your kids haven't played with in awhile, can open up room for new clothes, toys and furniture. It also is one less thing to have to lift onto a moving truck as well.

Credit: Jeff McBrayer

Con: Making Tough Choices

If you are like me and very sentimental about everything you have ever owned, getting rid of some things may be a tough choice. Having to decide between what clothes to keep or get rid of, or does this bookshelf stay or go, isn't easy. There will be some tough choices that have to be made. It will be tough to part with some of your processions.

Credit: Jeff McBrayer

Pro: Making Some Money

Do you like money? We all do! When figuring out how to get rid of all those clothes, dressers, toys and anything else you have decided to part with, instead of donating or trashing it, why not see if someone else wants it? With so many sites to choose from and garage sales still a thing, find a way to sell the things you have that are still in decent condition. You can earn some extra money and use that to help you move or buy new things once you arrive to your new home.

Credit: Jeff McBrayer

Bonus Pro: Finding Money

To offset the earlier unexpected "presents" you find, there also is the good findings, such as all the coins and dollar bills you will find. It is inevitable that loose change will be found anytime when packing. Hopefully it is a good amount, but every little bit helps.

Credit: Jeff McBrayer

Con: Finding Out How Much Weight You've Gained

For me this is the worst of all the cons. Not being one to want to get rid of my clothes, I have some sit in my closet for years without being worn. After avoiding cleaning out my closet for years, there is no excuse when moving. This is a time consuming part of the process, and can be depressing as well. Clothes that fit when you last moved, may be a little tighter and time to part ways with. I view it as finding out how much weight I've gained. For some this is a pro if they have lost weight.....for me it was a con.

Credit: Jeff McBrayer
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If you are moving soon or thinking about moving soon, try to find some pros and keep a good attitude. There are some positives to it all. Plus you will be starting a new adventure, whether that be moving in the same town or to a new state. Each move brings something new to your life.

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