Summer is on the way and for many of us it is a reminder that we still have some of our winter padding. For me, that is the hardest thing to get rid of and makes me self conscious when I go swimming and my belly hangs over the shorts a bit. When do you feel most self conscious about your body?

According to a new survey, the place where we feel the most self-conscious and insecure about how we look is at the gym. Unless you are the skinniest, most tone, ripped, or good looking - it is hard to not be intimidated by the other people working out.

Number two is the beach, where you strip down to a bathing suit and feel like everyone's looking and judging. Because they are! Whether you look good or not - everybody is going to see you and have an immediate opinion. Dang - looks like I'll be staying home this year.

Number three is the doctor's office, where you strip down and know they'll judge you if they think you've got a little too much padding. Because they know exactly how tall you are and how much you weigh so there is no fudging the numbers with them. Maybe that's another reason to skip the doctor again?

Really though - we are all created differently. It is easier for some people to lose weight or gain it. Some people go under the knife to look how they want and some people can't put down the knife...and fork. Man, now I am just hungry.

You are who you are. You are not going to the beach or the gym for those other people - you are going for you. So own it and do your best and you'll look great just how you are.

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