Little boys sometimes wet the bed.  They sometimes chase after little girls on the playground.  Sometimes little boys wrestle each other and even talk back at parents.

Back in 9th grade I heard classmates say ridiculous and stupid things.

This weekend I was thinking about my own childhood when I heard the media generated controversy about Josh Allen.  The former Wyoming quarterback is now a member of the Buffalo Bills.  He had been considered one of the top prospects in the country but the critics suddenly claim he’ll be a failure in the professional game.

This all got started when someone “unearthed” tweets a 14-year-old Allen posted.  These are said to be racist and homophobic.  Again, how old was he at the time?

Back in 9th grade I heard classmates say ridiculous and stupid things.  I did say and do my share as well.  It’s why young teenagers aren’t considered adults.

One of Allen’s harshest critics is a retired defensive end who hasn’t played in Buffalo in twenty years.  As an adult the same retired player was once arrested while sleeping drunk in his car at a stoplight.  He was knee-walking drunk.  And at the time an adult.  Which one is more dangerous, a kid who says stupid things or a drunk behind a wheel?

Maybe Allen can change his name to Joy Reid.  Then it'll all go away.

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