Summer is here, and for many that is as good an excuse as any to drink. A lot.

I drink a lot of Mt. Dew which I think can be pretty pricey when a case is $5. Turns out though that my drinking habit is a lot less expensive (and therefore less necessary to quit) than purchasing alcohol.

Simple Thrifty Living crunched the numbers to find out the average price of a pack of beer and if you live in Idaho it's not good or bad. We are right in the middle at $17.76 a 24 pack, how very patriotic a number. In Pennsylvania, where they have rather strict laws, the prices is the highest in the nation at about $22. A little north by the Great Lakes they have the cheapest average beer prices at less than $15 in Michigan.

If you drink beer, does it bother you that prices are so high or would you be happy no matter the price as long as you've got a cold one in your hand?

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