This is the question that Josh Besancon asked me today on Facebook.  Here are some helpful tips to help Josh and anyone looking for a Fantasy Football League in the Twin Falls area.

If you even remotely like Fantasy Football, please watch this show called "The League." Hilarious and NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

First off here is Josh Besancon's message to me:

This might be a tad out of the ordinary, but just asking for advice or possibly some sage direction. I love fantasy football and I moved out here about a year ago. Sadly, no friends that are football or fantasy football fans have been met in that time. I have a league where I keep in contact with my friends back in California, but I miss the social aspect. And to the question, do you happen to know how a simple man could find himself a league in the area? Odd, I know and probably improbable. Thanks, and keep up the awesome dj work.

So where can a guy find a Fantasy Football League in Twin Falls?

Meet Ups is a site where you can create a meet up event and others can check it out and come too.  While I have not found a Meet Up related to Fantasy Football, that does not mean that you cannot create one yourself.


If you go to a church, ask around, see if you can make an announcement.  I don't know god's stance on football, but I'm pretty sure he's not a Dolphins fan, just guessing.


When in doubt, ask for help on Facebook and let social media's magic take over.

What about you, can you help this guy find a Fantasy Football League?  If so, please find him on Facebook and click this link.

PS - My Fantasy Football League is already full or else I'd just add this guy to our league.

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