Some people don't like the snow. I am not one of those people.

We actually had a really white Christmas in Twin Falls and my family wasn't about to let that snow go to waste, so we packed up the sleds and went to Vista Bonita Park behind Swensens on Orchard in Twin Falls.

During the summer I wonder why these parks have the random hills, but when winter gets here it all makes sense. Even though maybe they have an actual purpose besides sledding?

Here are our favorite places in Twin Falls to sled.

  • Herrett Center at CSI has a hill behind it that is a load of fun.
  • Vista Bonita has a hill at the far north end and there's also a retention ditch that can be fun for young kids.
  • Perrine Elementary has another great hill for younger kids.
  • City Pool is a hill that I didn't know about. A friend said they go there and I actually drove by that day to see it for myself. The hill is on the opposite side of the pool as the parking lot. Now - I think it's the best hill in Twin Falls.
  • Thomsen Park has one of the tallest hills in Twin Falls parks which makes it great for sledding.

Where is your favorite sledding hill in Twin falls?

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