Sledding is one of the true joys of winter. There are safe ways to enjoy this winter pastime, and there are people that climb on their snow-covered roofs and let their friends record them doing something that could result in a holiday trip to the emergency room.

Who doesn't love sledding in the snow? There are some great spots in Twin Falls to spend an hour or two riding the hills with the family. The College of Southern Idaho and the Twin Falls City Pool have some pretty nice surroundings to partake in this activity safely when there's enough snow on the ground.

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One thing people should try to avoid doing in the winter months is getting up on their roofs. Icy conditions result in serious injuries and even death from falls every year in the United States. It's really not a good idea to bring a sled up to the roof and proceed to slide off one of the sides.


This YouTube upload is a bit dated, but it still makes for an effective public service announcement about winter safety. The footage was shared on the channel of Matt Sorensen, and thankfully no one was injured during the filming. Matt has over 20,000 subscribers, which is unsettling to think this many people are possibly emulating his stunts. Copying this act will likely result in a different outcome more times than not, so avoid doing this at all costs.

Please be safe this winter Idaho, and keep those sleds on the slopes where they belong.

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