I recently took a walk along the Snake River Canyon rim on both the Twin Falls and Jerome sides of the Perrine Bridge. I took several photos from each vantage point, and decided I'd put the question out there. When stretching the legs or showing visiting company the view from above, do you choose the Jerome side or the Twin Falls side?

Both sides of the Perrine Bridge offer incredible views of the Snake River below. The rock formations, waterfalls and the bridge itself, all provide onlookers a number of amazing visuals when taking a jog, pushing children in strollers or just venturing out to take in the surrounding beauty.

While it's no secret that the Twin Falls side is more accessible to the public--the Jerome side is largely barbed-wired off, and lacks trail access along the rim--each side still rewards us with stunning perspectives.

It's almost like you have the wild west on one side, with the Jerome side being obviously less developed and pedestrian friendly, and the more active, commercial side that Twin Falls presents. Both have their advantages when sight seeing however.

I know if I'm watching BASE jumpers leap from the Perrine Bridge, or am trying to get multiple waterfall shots with my camera, the Jerome side is the obvious winner. On the other hand, the Twin Falls side does grant us access to tourist attractions such as Shoshone Falls, and the many viewing platforms.

Whichever side you prefer, there's really no wrong choice here.

Jerome Or Twin Falls Side

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