Two things Idahoans are very passionate about are religion and gun ownership. What if the state made you choose between one or the other?

First and foremost, before anyone throws a mental rod over this little social experiment of mine, the idea that Idaho would someday make its residents choose between their church and their firearms is strictly hypothetical. It's common knowledge that Idaho falls in the country's top half regarding gun ownership and church attendance, so it's apparent these two subjects carry a lot of weight in the Gem State. What inspired this question of mine was an article I recently came across on that listed the top things a person should never give up on.

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Get our free mobile app is just one online source that has Idaho way up on the list of U.S. states that are religiously devout. Idaho is also a top-five gun-friendly state, according to current data from It's perfectly acceptable for anyone over the age of eighteen to legally purchase a firearm as long as they've got a clean background; some weapons require Idahoans to be twenty-one years of age.

Of the majority of people I've formed relationships with in my years as a southern Idaho resident, I have to say most are more passionate about their guns than their church. I'm not implying that religion isn't important to those I've bonded with, it's just not discussed as much as gun ownership is in conversation.

It'll be a cold day in hell when Idahoans voluntarily hand over their firearms on the off-chance that a future bill banning Gem State firearms passes. The second amendment is probably more memorized in Idaho than most Bible passages. Guns would likely get buried on a person's property much like a dog buries a bone to avoid others locating it.

If you had to choose between your church and your guns, which one are you more willing to live without in Idaho?

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