Our cell phones are important to us for a number of reasons such as providing links to our social lives, they are tools many of us use to manage job operations, and most importantly, they make it easy for fantasy football team managers to run their squads. A survey conducted by a consumer and market data website has hinted that Americans might find their smartphones sexier than their partners or spouses.

I'll admit it. My cell phone makes my life much easier. In my profession, I use it to schedule social media content, send alerts to followers, publish stories, and oversee a number of apps and websites that provide inspiration for the stories I write. I also can keep an eye on my home when I'm out of town, find locations I've never been to easily, communicate with loved ones quickly, and make last-minute substitutions on my fantasy football team. I saved the best for last.

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There are downsides to having our phones in our hands for the majority of the day. Socially, they are a huge distraction. I generally get into bed between nine and ten o'clock on work nights, and another hour might pass before my wife or I say goodnight because we're glued to our tiny, bright screens. My eight-year-old son doesn't have a cellphone, but his tablet is every bit as bad in the way of time suckage and non-communication.

Financesonline.com shared the results from a Statista survey that implies the United States--more than any other country in the world--are undisputedly the most cellphone dependant people on the planet. The survey also insinuated that if Americans had the choice between sex or their battery-charged bedside pals, that intimacy would take a backseat.

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