In case you haven't heard, actor Erik Estrada has become a reserve police officer in St. Anthony, Idaho. That begs the question - or maybe it doesn't, but please play along - which TV cop would you like to see deputized in Idaho? I have some suggestions.

1. Chuck Norris

Who wouldn't love to see Walker Texas Ranger in the Magic Valley busting heads? I have a feeling that Chuck could take care of that little sprinkler problem I'm having with my neighbors in no time.

2. Jean-Claude Van Damme

This is a great idea for lots of reasons. First, Jean-Claude doesn't appear to be very busy these days. A bonus is that his TV/movie cop was Time Cop meaning he is not restricted to present day Idaho. We could send him back to 1974 and have him deal with some of the bikers who caused trouble when Evel Knievel was here.

3. Clint Eastwood

Another great idea. Dirty Harry in Jerome? Please explain how this has not happened already. Clint Eastwood is known to frequent coastal California near Carmel. So, let's give him a plot of land in Hagerman near the Snake and call it even.

4. Andy Griffith

There's a problem here. Andy Griffith is no longer alive. That's unfortunate because he would be great at pulling over drug dealers on I-84. Another problem is that his old police car would have a hard time reaching 80 mph.

5. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is a former Idaho dude who has spent some quality time in Twin when he was making that Breakfast of Champions movie thing. All the more reason to convince him to come back and be John McClane from the Die Hard movies.

Let's stop with my ideas and segue to yours. Vote on which TV cop needs to come to Idaho next and please add your own. 10-4?

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