Lets be clear, I don't want to be famous.  I'm completely content with only being recognized by voice and NOT by face.  That would be scary.  However, comedian Tim Northern wants to be famous and he has no clue why he isn't yet.

And randomly, earlier this week his agent called me, then they both just stopped by.  Hey I'm not opposed to comedians swinging by the radio station unannounced, it added a spice to my day.  But listen to Tim Northern's story, as explained during my radio interview earlier this week:

And here we talk golf...OK Tim Northern does, I know nothing other than beer:

I wish I could just pick up and leave and go and do.  Ah to want to become famous.

As for helping Tim Northern get more famous, you can help him out at the end of the month.  The details are still not crystal clear, but Mr. Northern will be showing off his comedy skills at O'Dunkin's in downtown Twin Falls at the end of this month.  Once I know more, I'll fill you in.

Here's Tim Northern in action:

What do you think?  Why isn't Tim Northern famous?  He is a pretty funny dude!

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