I moved to Twin Falls nearly two years ago, and there are still things about this area that continue to surprise me. For example, everyone’s love for Fry Sauce, and how often I see shirtless white guys outside. (Dude, put a shirt on)

Most recently, I’ve come across another weird one. I learned this one from a friend here awhile back, and I saw it again in this article shared by our friends at KMVT. In your car, what is the name of the storage area in front of the passenger seat?

In Colorado, we call it a glove box or glove compartment. Do people actually keep gloves in there? Well no, they don’t, but that’s not the point. Apparently in Idaho, it’s called a Jockey Box. WHAT?!

This makes no sense, considering that nobody else calls it a jockey box. We have Jockey Boxes in Colorado, but they're not part of your car. THIS is a Jockey Box!

Photo, Amazon.com
Photo, Amazon.com

That’s right, a jockey box is a mobile kegerator. Pretty cool, right? Let’s get the record straight now; it's a glove box, not a jockey box! I consulted my own Toyota owner's manual, and it was called a glove box.

What do you call the junk drawer in your car?

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