There are a lot of things you need to look our for on a regular Halloween trick-or-treat adventure and 2020 is no different. There are the creeper houses that you'll probably choose to skip and then there are the super decorated houses that you'll want to visit more than once. Lights on or off can still tell you whether a house is handing out candy and 'trick-or-treat smell my feet' is still an acceptable door call.  There are also the smaller details that we've needed to pay more attention to in recent years. Teal pumpkins let us know that a child may have a food allergy and blue pumpkins are a warning that the child has sensory issues.

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This year you can also be on the lookout for purple pumpkins in yards. The purple pumpkins are a way that home owners can show that they are a safe spot to get candy and that the owners will be wearing a mask, giving out individually wrapped candies, and the locations is properly clean. That is especially important this year as the world is still experiencing a pandemic. The purple pumpkin idea was something that seems to originate in Long Island as reported by their News12 station. Should the idea happen here in Idaho too?

UPDATE: I was also just contacted by the Epilepsy Foundation and they let me know that there is another reason to look for purple pumpkins. For years now, the Purple Pumpkin Project has been raising awareness and funds in the battle against epilepsy. For more on their work or to make a donation, check out the epilepsy foundation website.

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