Our Halloween countdown clock reads 48 days until our kids dress up, bowls of candy get emptied, and neighborhood doorbells start ringing. There are many things to watch out for as kids celebrate, but the one biggest threat to your kid's health in the coming weeks is likely already in your kitchen.

When you think of potential safety concerns for Halloween, what comes to mind? Certainly, pedestrian safety is one of the biggest threats. Adults should accompany young children while trick-or-treating around town and keep an eye out for traffic.

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Premises liabilities are another big one. Are your steps a safety hazard? Is the sidewalk in front of your home likely to trip a young child and hurt someone? These types of injuries result in over 20% of Halloween-related hospitalizations, according to cpsc.gov.

The sidewalk in front of our Twin Falls home has been damaged for years. We usually set up a large table with candy over the busted portion so that the risk of someone tripping and getting injured is low. It's an issue we need to address with the city soon.

Data from cpsc.gov also identifies what's perhaps the number one reason kids are hospitalized in the days leading up to Halloween, and it has something to do with your pumpkin. It is recommended that kids under the age of nine not use pumpkin carving tools. I'm in my forties, and I usually still find a way to maim myself.

Injuries from young kids using these tools on their pumpkins account for almost 50% of Halloween-related injuries, according to cpsc.gov. Be safe this Halloween, and leave the sharp tools to the adults when possible.

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