Will Smith may be the biggest movie star in the world, but his millions of fans will never let him forget his humble beginnings as the star of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ While in England to promote the release of ‘Men in Black 3,’ Smith was coerced into performing the show’s iconic theme song on ‘The Graham Norton Show.’ And yeah, it’s kind of awesome.

The show and its cheesy but irresistible theme represented the merger of Smith’s acting and rapping careers, a mutually beneficial relationship that lasted until ‘Men in Black II’ until 2002 (the rapper Pitbull provided the theme song for ‘Men in Black 3′). Although Smith has put his musical career on indefinite hold, the theme songs he performed for his projects have become an iconic part of his public image, as has his role as the Fresh Prince. As he jokingly notes in the video below, he was wise to use his real name on the show since people will always call him Will, but his co-star Alfonso Ribeiro will forever be known as Carlton.

But it’s all about an older, wiser Smith returning to the song that defined his career. There’s something delightful about watching a man as powerful and famous as Smith having a sense of humor about his past.

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