In Southern Idaho, we are trained professionals when it comes to having fun. Now that the South Hills have a healthy amount of powder, you just knew that it was a matter of time before someone shared some video of tubing on the snow. That time is now.

YouTube dude Hey Arnel took some friends for a hill trip and described his experience like this.

Today we went to South Hills, and had a lot of fun tubing. Totally worth it; 10 out of 10 would do it again.

It goes without saying that you can hurt yourself if you get too crazy doing this. Robson Forensic has some good common sense tips about having fun on the snow without harming yourself. The Cliff Notes version is this. If you're sledding, be familiar with any objects that might be on the route you'll be sliding on. When I was a kid, I slammed into a tree stump and the tree stump won.

One of the most common injuries result from getting a little too much air off of jumps. Having friends around is also a good idea, in case something goes wrong.

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