As far as winter recreation goes, I've always been a two-left-feet kind of guy. My attempts at ice skating, snowboarding and skiing all pretty much ended the same way, with me being cold and sore. I recently learned of a local place where even the most uncoordinated of people (like me) can have a great time flying down a mountain.

The website, Only In Your State,  recently gave props to McCall's Activity Barn snow park as having some of the best snow tubing one can find anywhere. According to the site's post, the park has choices of six and eight-hundred-foot runs, and will rent you a tube if you don't have one.

Of course, Twin Falls is no slouch when it comes to snow tubing. Magic Mountain Resort has been a long time local favorite, and will save you the four hour drive. Pomerelle Mountain would be another great suggestion for those who want to cut their driving time down.

Snow tubing just might become my new favorite winter activity, because spending the day on my back in the snow is actually proper technique. Enjoy the video, and bring on those mountains!


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