Are you up for a good treasure hunt south of Twin Falls? According to the Legends Of America website, there is a stash of gold near the large mesa of Brown's Bench 15 miles west of Rogerson, Idaho. Did I mention it's a lot of gold?

In 1888, an outlaw acting alone robbed the Jarbridge-Idaho stage near the site of present-day Salmon Dam. The bandit was quickly overtaken and killed by a posse but the gold was not found. Many believe that the outlaw buried the strongbox somewhere on the east side of Brown's Bench, a large flat mesa, about 15 miles west of Rogerson, Idaho.

Idaho Treasure Hunters have even more juicy details of the potential loot down there.

Straight north from today's Arrowrock Dam three outlaws held up a stagecoach. Not an unusual event in those rowdy days, but they took $90,000 in gold coins and road safely away. This took place close to where Grimes and Moore creek come together. The stage guard was angry and unable to let the matter drop. He hurried up and over a ridge, knowing the trail they took doubled back that way. He hoped to ambush them. Sure enough, he got to a point above the trail before they arrived, and he shot the three of them before they could shoot back. The $90,000 in gold coins was not on the bodies. Somewhere, in a very short distance from the site of the robbery (near the stream confluence, where the trail loops back to a point just across the ridge from the holdup site) the robbers buried their loot. The stage guard could not find it. Law authorities failed to find it. Many others have looked and failed to find it.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Anybody up for a drive down 93 to check this out? No one has found the treasure yet. But, if you have adventure in your heart - and a good off-road vehicle - maybe it will be you.

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