More evidence the COVID-19 outbreak was more about virtue signaling than science.  Mask mandates in Idaho’s few blue islands are dropping like a BASE jumper off the Perrine Bridge.  Boise Dev has a piece about the summer tourism outlook.  Places such as Blaine County and Boise, long holdouts on local mask mandates, want to get back in the tourism game.

Meanwhile, parks around Idaho were packed.  Places where people could go and breathe clean air without obstruction.

Note:  Last summer a local politician told me he went to Ketchum and walked around without a mask.  No one scolded him.  I should mention he’s a big man and skilled in combat!  Meanwhile, all around him were people with the lower portions of faces covered.  These mandates obviously kept some people away.  It’s why a trip I was planning to neighboring Utah 15 months ago is still on hold.  I didn’t want to be bothered by restrictions on my personal liberty.  You can wager people made similar decisions on some tourist hot spots here in the Gem State.

Meanwhile, parks around Idaho were packed.  Places where people could go and breathe clean air without obstruction.  The old saw is, people vote with their feet.

History will judge our panic and I suspect question why there was so much angst.  In Texas, when masks were removed, The President of the United States called it Neanderthal behavior.  Yet, COVID appears to have abandoned Texas quicker than the Houston Oilers when Tennessee beckoned.

Twin Falls and neighboring counties rejected mask mandates last fall.  The servile personalities serving on editorial boards had a reaction much like the one exhibited by President Biden.  Then, much like Texas, local coronavirus numbers plummeted.  Listen, the libs got what they really wanted.  Biden over Trump.  Now they back away slowly from their creation of fear, although.  I gather some still want it to become a permanent feature of life.  Check out this link.  But political and economic goals sometimes conflict and the political suddenly gets modified.


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