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A biologist from Washington State blames woke policies for recent attacks by bears and mountain lions on passing humans.  Sound far-fetched?  The guy has been making the rounds of TV talk shows and offering an explanation.  Just yesterday, he made appearances on Fox Business and Fox News networks.

He believes government restrictions on bear baiting are a major cause of attacks.  You can hear his explanation by clicking on the video at the bottom of this story.  I like one comparison he makes.  He points out you can use a duck call to attract birds but not bait for bears.  Is there a moral equivalence?

I usually chalk up increased attacks to a couple of other factors and most people in wildlife management would agree.  There are far more people living and recreating in the backcountry than ever before.  Of course, this leads to more encounters.  We’re also attracting more animals to our homes because of the vegetation we plant.

Steve Kroft is known to the American public as one of the rotating reporters on the fabled 60 Minutes TV show on CBS.  One of the finest stories I believe he ever did was about the explosion in suburban deer populations.  The shrubberies and berry bushes people plant around their homes become a “smorgasbord” for the animals.  They show up in droves and many end up wrapped in the grills of cars and trucks.

I think the theory of woke policy may play its part but I wouldn’t say it’s the only cause.

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