I like to wear Batman t-shirts. When I do, my wife kindly reminds me that I'm not cool enough to pull off being Batman. I wonder if anyone has said similar things to a lady who put on an Elsa costume and changed the words of the Frozen movie theme song into an Idaho weather tribute?

In case you're new to life and/or don't have young children, Elsa is the character in the Disney movie "Frozen" that sings the song "Let It Go".

I will give Melissa Matthews credit. She has a wonderful voice and the way she changes the words in the song to describe our Idaho weather experience is clever. But, I definitely got the "me in my Batman t-shirt" feeling as I watched her video.

One of my favorite comments under her video is this one.


Leave it to us Idaho people to figure out a way to call out California in just about every scenario.

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