Each new decade seems to bring its own new scary possibilities. Many of us will remember the build up to new year's day 2000, or Y2K as it was also referred to, when all the computers were going to crash because they couldn't handle the switch between centuries. Going from 1999 to 2000 was portrayed as being an end of the world type event. Yet 20 years later and here we are still plugging along and waiting for the next computer crash.

Maybe we should stop worrying about the robots and computers for a year and focus on our own handwriting. Specifically how you write the date on papers this year. Here's the scenario and why you should be worried: Last year you could have written the date as 01/02/19 and now you may be tempted to write the date today as 01/02/20 on some type of document and think nothing of it. Come next year and someone will evil intentions gets a hold of your document and simply changes the date to 01/02/2021. Or maybe this happens in five years or really any point this decade they can change the date to a future year, or even a year from last the previous two decades. Now, your signature is on an incorrect document.

Why would you need to worry about that? If someone is changing the dates on checks you have written or other legal documents under your name, it could spell a load of trouble for you. As pointed out by some online, most legal documents require you to write out the full year so there shouldn't be an issue. But it is still something to think about when filling out papers where you need to put in a date. The fix to this problem this year is to simply write the full year every time as 2020.

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