Yellowstone National Park is world famous for its thermal pools and geysers, and those lucky enough to be walking the boardwalk across from the Firehole River last week were treated to an eruption that hasn't happened since 2014.

Having just returned recently from a trip to Yellowstone National Park, we saw our share of geysers erupt. Two of the geysers we saw from a distance, the Giantess and the Beehive, remained inactive while we were on the boardwalk.

It wasn't until a week after we returned home to Twin Falls that the Giantess erupted for the first time in more than 75 months. "Missed it by that much," to quote Maxwell Smart.

The Giantess erupted in the Upper Geyser Basin of the park on August 25, according to details shared by The last time this popular geyser erupted was in late-January of 2014. The Giantess at one time predictably erupted every six months.

Yellowstone National Park has more than 1,200 geysers, including the tallest active one in the world, the Steamboat Geyser. Webcams throughout the park allow people across the world to watch the geysers on a daily basis.

Old Faithful remains the park's most popular tourist draw, which erupts almost 20 times a day, hurling its water and gases into the air to an altitude of between 90 and 180 feet. There is no way to predict the next time Giantess will erupt, but those that were standing nearby on August 25 got a rare treat.

Yellowstone National Park is currently practicing COVID-19 safety protocols, so don't forget a mask if you're going soon. They have them available in gift shops in case you do.

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