A Twin Falls County resident has apparently grown tired of looking at a 30-plus-foot RV that was abandoned on his/her property back in 2016. The property owner is saying the vehicle ran fine last time the engine was fired up.

A person in the area of Filer is offering this motor home up for free to anyone who can haul it off the property. There are some unfortunate circumstances surrounding this offer however. The vehicle has no title, and there are no keys either.

The September 4, 2019, post was shared to the "free" section of the Twin Falls / Craigslist site. The vehicle's exterior appears to be in decent shape.

Twin Falls Production

The individual storing the RV cannot guarantee it still runs after sitting for as long as it has. If another key can be produced, and arrangements can be made with the old owners or the Department of Motor Vehicles concerning the absence of a title, then this could be an extremely worthwhile endeavor. If nothing else, it's shelter for someone in need.

There is a message on the post stating that contact information (number to call or text) will be provided by this person should anyone reply to the post. There just might be more information about the vehicle that could help any interested parties make a final decision.

I'm no expert in motor homes, but this appears to be one of the top tier models for its time. No further information has been added to this post regarding mileage, year or make. Again, you're going to have to move the RV yourself, somehow, if you're interested.



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