Videos from vloggers recorded near the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls aren't uncommon. A recent video archived visit by a young girl to the area resulted in a funny, well-narrated tour, near the location of the IB Perrine Memorial.

The nearly five-minute long, charming and informative upload, was posted to YouTube on March 25, on a channel titled "Dab Nation." The vlog includes some great aerial footage of the Snake River from the nearby look-out platform, as well as the Perrine memorial and bridge itself. The visitors center is also briefly showcased in the video.

One of the funnier moments in the video comes three-minutes in, when the young host explains why they opted to not record base jumpers partaking in the more than 400 foot plunge. The girl's younger brother taking credit for the YouTube post was also comical.

Great job to "Dab Nation." We hope you enjoyed Twin Falls. Don't be a stranger.


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