Lots of technology comes with voice recognition. Our smart phones all include voice text. Our cars let you give voice commands for navigation and hands-free phone calls.

TV's are now coming equipped with voice commands. Samsung "SmartTVs" allow you to bark commands at your TV. Since the television is always listening for your voice, Samsung has warned its SmartTV customers that every word is being captured and sent over the Internet.

So, if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information beware that all of that information will be saved and stored.

Samsung says it needs to send your voice commands to a third-party, because that company converts your speech to text. But Samsung also collects your voice commands to perform research and determine whether it needs to make improvements to the feature.

In Samsungs defense a microphone appears on the screen when the voice recognition feature is turned on. This lets the customer know that their voice is being captured. You can also opt-out of the SmartTV voice recognition feature.

Opting-out doesn't do you any good because your voice commands will still be captured. Everything that is captures is held by a third party.

Am I the only one that thinks this is REALLY creepy?

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