February is known as a great month for lovers thanks to all that Valentine's Day crud. Zoo Boise doesn't want to be left out of the loving as they have a special event planned for next month.

It's called "Woo at the Zoo" at it's set for February 13 from 4 pm to 7 pm. In their description, they describe the event as a way to tell you "how the animals woo each other". Alrighty, then.

It's not actually some kind of animal movie you would see on Cinemax late on a Friday night. (NOTE: I don't actually know what's on Cinemax late Friday nights, but I've heard stories) It's a guided tour through the zoo describing animal breeding (ahem) and ends with a pasta dinner, just like all good dates.

For more info, check out the Zoo Boise website and Facebook page.

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