FILER, Idaho (KLIX)- A missing horse near Filer ended up being right under the owners nose, literally. According to the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office an old mare named Bitty had gone missing Friday (01/31) afternoon.

The owner says they checked the corral and its gates and couldn't find anything wrong. Deputy Kelly Wilson responded to the call on Saturday and searched the area but couldn't find the mare. At around midday on Sunday the owner was able to find the horse. It had fallen into an old cistern on the property.

Authorities believe the concrete top had caved in when the horse was standing on it. The horse was standing in about 4 feet of water. After assessing the situation Deputy Wilson called the Chief for the Salmon Track Fire Department Rod Davis.

With the help of two other firemen they were able to pump out the water and dig a ramp out of the cistern. Bitty the 25 year old mare was able to walk out on her own with a few scratches and an empty belly.

Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office